Offered Services

offered services

Mackey Enterprises, LLC has provided a listing of services offered to its clients. If you think of any additional offered services, please contact us for our consideration.

“Eye For Detail” Data Entry (Word or Excel):

Do you need assistance with personal or business related data entry projects? Mackey Enterprises, LLC can perform them for you using either Microsoft Word or Excel depending on your project. Some of the data entry projects we can assist with include:

  • Create, update, and modify listings (I.e. contact lists, inventory lists, etc.)
  • Contact information verification
  • Mail merging for mail distributions

“Seeing From A Different Perspective” Bookkeeping (Excel or QuickBooks):

Do you need assistance with your personal or business related bookkeeping? We can perform these projects for you using either Microsoft Excel or QuickBooks depending on what is required. Some of the bookkeeping tasks we can assist with include:

  • Entering invoices and bills
  • Recording invoice and bill payments
  • Recording credit card expenses from statements
  • Sales receipt tallying
  • Recording deposits and checks
  • Bank reconciliation generation
  • Financial statement generation
  • Payroll income tax calculation
  • Taxable items summary generation

“Blind With Vision” Website Design (WordPress or Drupal):

Are you creating a new personal or business related website? Or do you need assistance in remodeling or maintaining one? Mackey Enterprises, LLC can assist with these tasks using the WordPress or Drupal web publishing platform. Currently we have more experience in WordPress than in Drupal, but that will change as we become more experienced using the Drupal platform.

Besides our own site, we have assisted the following with building, rebuilding, or maintaining their website on a paid or non-paid basis:

Website URL
Name of Company/Organization
National Federation of the Blind of New Jersey (NFBNJ)
National Federation of the Blind of Illinois (NFBI)
Middle Atlantic Blind Golf Association (MABGA)
Blind Center of the Jersey Cape (BCJC)
National Federation of the Blind of Delaware (NFBDE)
National Federation of the Blind of Pennsylvania
National Federation of the Blind of Nevada
National Federation of the Blind Deaf-Blind Division

Complementary Helpful “Hints” Phone Consultation:

Do you need information to help you with a project? Mackey Enterprises, LLC will offer you a FREE 30 minute phone consultation with helpful hints for your project. Once the consultation is complete, you can opt to use our services to complete your project. Please visit our Rates and Discounts page to learn what we charge for our services. If you feel satisfied with how Mackey Enterprises, LLC completed your project, please submit your testimonial. You can view what people have said about us at our testimonials page.

Sample Project

Here is a sample project to give you an example of what Mackey Enterprises, LLC is capable of performing.
Note:> This is not actual data. But it will give you a general idea.

A client gave me their income and expense information. After receiving the information, I use a magnifying desktop device called a Close Circuit Television (CCTV) to read the material. Then I use a screen reader on my computer called JAWS (Job Access With Speech) for Windows to navigate on the computer screen. While working in QuickBooks, I use a special set of scripts created by MyBlindSpot called QuickBooks Blind, which makes QuickBooks easier to navigate for the blind and print disabled user. When I am done entering the information into QuickBooks, I generated the requested Income Statement. Below is a picture of the finished product.

Sample Income Statement for a bookkeeping service project