“Blind With Vision” Organizations

The following organizations are those with a “Blind With Vision” attitude. If there are others that should be considered, please contact us.

Ava’s Voice

Carly Fredricks, Founder & President
Email: avasvoice@gmail.com
Website: www.avasvoice.org

Bardet Biedl Syndrome Family Association

Tim Ogden, President
Phone: 623-523-1484
Website: www.bardetbiedl.org

Blind Center of the Jersey Cape

Phone: 609-624-0931
Email: info@blindcenterjerseycapte.org
Website: www.blindcenterjerseycape.org

Blind Childrens Resource Center

Carol Castellano, Coordinator
Phone: 973-377-0976
Email: blindchildren@verizon.net
Website: www.blindchildren.org


Jim Fruchterm, President
Phone: 650-352-0198
Website: www.bookshare.org

Dancing Dots

Bill McCann, President & Founder
Phone: 610 783-6692, Fax: 610 500-5072
Email: info@dancingdots.com
Website: www.dancingdots.com/main/index.htm


Josh Coffee, President
Phone: 802-233-8767
Email: jcoffee@easytactilegraphics.com
Website: www.easytactilegraphics.com

Family Resource Networdk

Greg Makely, Director
Phone: 609-468-7420
Email: gmakely@familyresourcenetwork.org
Website: www.familyresourcenetwork.org

Employment Development Guideance Engagement (EDGE) Program

Charles (Pat) McKenna, EDGE Employment Manager
Phone: 732-937-6397
Email: cpmckenna@familyresourcenetwork.org
Website: www.familyresourcenetwork.org/edge-program

Heightened Independence and Progress (HIP)

Eileen Goff, Executive Director
Phone: 201-996-9100
Website: www.hipcil.org

Learning Ally

Andrew Friedman, President & CEO
Phone: 800-221-4792
Email: afriedman@learningally.org
Website: www.learningally.org

Louisiana Center for the Blind (LCB)

Pamela Allen, Executive Director
Phone: 800-234-4166
Email: pallen@louisianacenter.org
Website: www.louisianacenter.org

Mariposa Essence

Rosa Santiago, Founder
Phone: 201-892-6946
Email: service@mariposaessence.com
Website: www.mariposaessence.com

Middle Atlantic Blind Golf Association (MABGA)

Mario Tobia, President
Phone: 215-745-2323
Email: mabga@comcast.net
Website: www.mabga.org

My Blind Spot

Albert Rizzi, CEO & Founder
Phone: 212-363-0330
Email: albert@myblindspot.org
Website: www.myblindspot.org

National Federation of the Blind (NFB)

Mark Riccobono, President
Phone: 410-659-9314
Email: officeofthepresident@nfb.org
Website: www.nfb.org

National Federation of the Blind Deaf-Blind Division

Alice Eaddy, President
Phone: 856 285 4747
Email: president@nfbdeaf-blind.org
Website: www.nfbdeaf-blind.org

National Federation of the Blind of California

Tim Elder, President
Phone: 916-382-0372
Email: president@nfbcal.org
Website: www.nfbcal.org

National Federation of the Blind of Delaware (NFBDE)

Kathryn Bottner, President
Phone: 302-528-2621
Email: kat.bottner@gmail.com
Website: www.nfbde.org

National Federation of the Blind of Illinois (NFBI)

Denise Avant, President
Phone: 773-991-8050
Email: president@nfbofillinois.org
Website: www.nfbofillinois.org

National Federation of the Blind of Iowa

Scott Van Gorp, President
Phone: 515-720-5282
Email: svangorp@nfbi.org
Website: www.nfbi.org

National Federation of the Blind of Nevada

Terri Rupp, President
Phone: 702-524-0835
Email: president@nfbnevada.org
Website: www.nfbnevada.org

National Federation of the Blind of New Jersey (NFBNJ)

Joe Ruffalo, President
Phone: 973-743-0075
Email: nfbnj1@verizon.net
Website: www.nfbnj.org

National Federation of the Blind of Pennsylvania

Lynn Heitz, President
Phone: 215-988-0888
Email: president@nfbp.org
Website: www.nfbp.org

NJ Commission for the Blind and Vision Impaired (NJCBVI)

Dr. Bernice Davis, Acting Executive Director
Phone: 973-648-3333
Email: askcbvi@dhs.state.nj.us
Website: www.state.nj.us/humanservices/cbvi

NJ State Library Talking Book & Braille Center (NJSL TBBC)

Adam Szczepaniak, Director
Phone: 800-792-8322
Email: aszczepaniak@njstatelib.org
Website: www.njstatelib.org/talking_books_and-braille

Philly Touch Tours

Trish Maunder, Creative Director
Phone: 215-790-9079
Email: trish@phillytouchtours.com
Website: www.phillytouchtours.com

Pride Paws

Joe Ritzel, President
Phone: 609-257-3198
Email: pridepaws@prideventuresinc.org
Website: www.prideventuresinc.org

Rania’s Therapeutic Massage

Rania Ismail, Licensed Massage Therapist
Phone: 908-328-5976
Email: raniaismail04@gmail.com
Website: www.ranialmt.com

Ronald McDonald House of Southern New Jersey

Teddy Thomas, Executive Director
Phone: 856-966-4663
Email: teddy@ronaldhouse-snj.org
Website: www.ronaldhouse-snj.org

SW Unlimited

Sherlock Washington, Owner & Founder
Phone: 732-812-3311
Email: Sherlock@swunlimited.com
Website: www.swunlimited.com

The Seeing Eye Institute

James Kutsch, President & CEO
Phone: 973-539-4425
Email: info@seeingeye.org
Website: www.seeingeye.org

West Virginia Telephone Pioneers

Donna Evans, President
Phone: 304-610-7027
Email: dandt7@frontier.com
Website: www.newvision-wvapioneers.org

International Sports Jamboree

Lonnie Pennington, General Chairperson
Phone: 304-722-3078
Email: wvufan1967@suddenlink.net
Website: www.newvision-wvapioneers.org/projects/jamboree