The Meaning of “Blind With Vision”

When most individuals learn that someone is blind, they believe that individual has complete or partial loss of vision. What they don’t realize is that the blind individual has only lost their physical vision, and still has the use of mental and tactile vision.

An example of mental vision is imagining something you want done through your mind’s eye. This is possible regardless if you have vision or not.

An example of tactile vision is using your hands to feel tactile objects or text. Some tactile objects or texts include LEGO bricks, 3D photos, and Braille.

As stated in the National Federation of the Blind’s one minute message, “blindness is not the characteristic that defines a blind person and their future.” Through learning how to use nonvisual tools and techniques, having a positive attitude in life, and willingness to think outside of the box to accomplish tasks, they are able to live the lives they want. This has been the NFB’s philosophy since its founding in 1940.

 When I was looking for a tagline for my company, Mackey Enterprises, I asked several individuals for their ideas and suggestions. During one of my workout sessions with Steve Murray of Rezults Never Lie, he reminded me that even though I might be blind, no one can ever take away my vision. That was when I came up with the tagline “Blind With Vision”. It falls in line with the NFB’s philosophy.

So what does “Blind With Vision” really mean? The best way for me to explain it is by giving you an example. A blind individual needs to take notes independently. So the best way for him to do so is by using a slate and stylus to write notes in Braille. Another method is by using a note recorder and type up their notes on a computer with the aid of a screen reading program. The individual is using his nonvisual vision to “see” this task from another perspective. Many blind individuals do this in their jobs, self-employed businesses, and personal lives.

So I encourage you to live the life you want by “seeing” things from a different perspective. It doesn’t matter if you are blind, sighted, deaf-blind, deaf, hard of hearing, Autistic, or whatever. Be willing to embrace having a “Blind With Vision” attitude to see whatever you are doing.

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Brian Mackey

Brian Mackey has been the proud owner of Mackey Enterprises, LLC since 2011. In addition, he volunteers his time with the National Federation of the Blind of New Jersey. Within NFBNJ, he serves as affiliate treasurer and webmaster, board member of the Braille and Technology Divisions, secretary/treasurer of the At Large Chapter, and secretary of the Garden State Chapter. Brian also serves in a variety of positions within multiple NFBNJ committees.

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