Mackey Enterprises, LLC is a company that tends to “see” things from a different perspective. We have a tenacious eye for detail and we are committed to providing the utmost in accuracy for all spreadsheets, reports and projects. Our clients will tell you that we are responsible, reliable and able to think out-of-the-box to produce high-quality results.

Since 2011, Mackey Enterprises, LLC has been using its blind with vision attitude while providing its personalized and professional services to assist clients with their personal and business related data entry, bookkeeping, and website design projects. Whether you need assistance with entering invoices or bills, recording payments, generating financial reports or other business-related tasks, Mackey Enterprises, LLC can help. We complete all projects accurately, professionally and in a timely manner at very competitive rates. All project details are kept confidential. Let Mackey Enterprises, LLC help you “see” from a different perspective on your project.

Why Choose Mackey Enterprises, LLC

  • Providing data entry and bookkeeping services since 2010
  • WordPress website design experience since August 2015
  • Drupal website design experience since August 2017
  • Provide personalized and professional service to our clients
  • Timely and accurate
  • Beta tester for MyBlindSpot
  • Associated with the National Federation of the Blind (NFB)
  • Associated with the National Federation of the Blind of New Jersey (NFBNJ)
  • Complete all projects using low vision and non-visual tools and techniques
  • Provide affordable and competitive rates to our clients
  • We have the experience, skills and talent, and desire to do the job. All we need is the opportunity to demonstrate our capability to complete your project.
  • Owned & operated by a tech savvy Millennial, who happens to be blind and currently serves as treasurer and webmaster for the National Federation of the Blind of New Jersey
  • Member of the NFB’s Blind Users Innovating and Leading Design (Build) Team
  • Maintains the website for six National Federation of the Blind state affiliates and one national division

Potential Clients

Are you a self-employed small business, non-profit company or organization, or individual (disabled and non-disabled) seeking assistance with data entry, bookkeeping, and WordPress website design? If so, please visit our Services page to learn how we can help. We will also accept members of the Business Enterprise of New Jersey, the National Association of Blind Merchants (NABM), the National Federation of the Blind (NFB), the National Federation of the Blind of New Jersey (NFBNJ), and the Middle Atlantic Blind Golf Association (MABGA).

Complementary Phone “Helpful Hints” Consultation

Do you need information to help you with a project? Mackey Enterprises, LLC will offer you a FREE 30 minute phone consultation with helpful hints for your project. Once the consultation is complete, you can opt to use our services to complete your project.


Now Managing Seven National Federation of the Blind Websites

In 2018, Brian Mackey has been approached to maintain three additional National Federation of the Blind websites, two for state affiliates and one for a national division. Brian is now the proud webmaster for the NFB of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Nevada, Illinois, and Iowa, in addition to the NFB Deaf-Blind Division.

“Blind With Vision” Website Design with WordPress and Drupal

Since 2016, Mackey Enterprises, LLC has provided “Blind With Vision” Website Design with WordPress. After attending the National Federation of the Blind’s Drupal training seminar in late August, we are starting to accept both WordPress and Drupal website design projects. Please note that we are still learning how to use the Drupal platform.

The National Federation of the Blind Needs Your Help! Monitor Uber and Lyft Compliance with Service Animal Agreement

The National Federation of the Blind has created a rideshare testing program to measure Lyft and Uber’s efforts to eliminate driver discrimination against riders with guide dogs or service animals. Recent agreements with these two major ridesharing companies require the National Federation of the Blind to provide feedback, over the next three to five years, on the efforts they have agreed to undertake to prevent discrimination against service animal users.

Here’s where you come in. If you use Uber or Lyft and have a service animal or travel with someone who has a service animal, we need your help. Fill out our online questionnaire after your next Uber or Lyft ride, and as often as you can after that. We would love feedback from regular Uber and Lyft users at least once a month, about both positive and negative experiences.

Extensive information about the program is available in the May issue of the Braille Monitor. You can also visit nfb.org/rideshare for more information, including an extensive FAQ, information on how to report discrimination to Uber and Lyft directly as well as through our questionnaire, and a list of the questions we’ll ask so you can be thinking about them when you take your next ride.

Please share this information with fellow Uber and Lyft users with guide dogs or other service animals.

If you have questions that are not answered by the resources above, contact Valerie Yingling, legal program coordinator, at the National Federation of the Blind Jernigan Institute, at (410) 659-9314 extension 2440, or vyingling@nfb.org.

Thanks in advance for your assistance with this important effort.

Brian Mackey Completes MABGA Website Transition

On Saturday, February 5th, 2017, Mackey Enterprises, LLC owner Brian Mackey successfully completed the transition of the Middle Atlantic Blind Golf Association website from Microsoft FrontPage to WordPress. In result, Brian was promoted to the position of webmaster of the Middle Atlantic Blind Golf Association. MABGA President Mario Tobia will serve as Brian’s assistant for maintaining the website.

Now Available! The Blind With Vision Blog

Mackey Enterprises, LLC launched The Blind With Vision (BWV) Blog on September 8th, 2016. Entries will consist mostly of various ways blind, visually impaired, or print disabled individuals “see” things from a different perspective to get tasks done in a job, business, or personal environment.

Additional Information

Please contact us with your comments, questions, feedback, and testimonials. We would love to hear from you!